ITEP Lattice preprints in 2014 (see also 2016 , 2015 , 2013 , 2012 , 2011 , 2010 , 2009 , 2008 , 2007 , 2006 , 2005 , 2004 , 2003 , 2002 , 2001 )

# Authors Title E-print Journal reference
2014-16 V. V. Braguta, V. A. Goy, E.-M. Ilgenfritz, A. Yu. Kotov, A. V. Molochkov, M. Müller-Preussker, B. Petersson and A. Schreiber Two-Color QCD with Chiral Chemical Potential ArXiv:1411.5174  
2014-15 V.G. Bornyakov, E. -M. Ilgenfritz, B.V. Martemyanov, M. Muller-Preussker Dyon structures in the deconfinement phase of lattice gluodynamics: topological clusters, holonomies and Abelian monopoles ArXiv:1410.4632 Phys.Rev. D91 (2015) 7, 074505
2014-14 T.G. Mertens, H. Verschelde, V.I. Zakharov On the Relevance of the Thermal Scalar ArXiv:1408.7012  
2014-13 T.G. Mertens, H. Verschelde, V.I. Zakharov Near-Hagedorn Thermodynamics and Random Walks - Extensions and Examples ArXiv:1408.6999  
2014-12 A. Avdoshkin, V.P. Kirilin, A.V. Sadofyev, V.I. Zakharov On consistency of hydrodynamic approximation for chiral media ArXiv:1402.3587  
2014-11 T. G. Mertens, H. Verschelde, V. I. Zakharov The thermal scalar and random walks in AdS3 and BTZ ArXiv:1402.2808 JHEP 1406 (2014) 156
2014-10 M.Zubkov Schwinger-Dyson equation and NJL approximation in massive gauge theory with fermions ArXiv:1409.1321  
2014-09 G.E. Volovik, M.A. Zubkov Emergent Weyl fermions and the origin of i in quantum mechanics   JETP Lett. 99 (2014) 481-486
2014-08 M.A. Zubkov Modified model of top quark condensation ArXiv:1405.4067  
2014-07 G.E. Volovik, M.A. Zubkov Mirror as polaron with internal degrees of freedom ArXiv:1404.5405  
2014-06 G.E. Volovik, M.A. Zubkov Emergent Weyl fermions and the origin of i in quantum mechanics   Zh.Eksp.Teor.Fiz. 99 (2014) 552-557
2014-05 G.E. Volovik, M.A. Zubkov Emergent Weyl spinors in multi-fermion systems ArXiv:1402.5700 Nucl.Phys. B881 (2014) 514-538
2014-04 M.A. Zubkov Strong dynamics behind the formation of the 125 GeV Higgs boson ArXiv:arXiv:1401.3311 Phys.Rev. D89 (2014) 075012
2014-03 E.V. Luschevskaya, O.V. Larina Neutral ρ meson in a strong magnetic field in the SU(2) lattice gauge theory   JETP Lett. 98 (2014) 652-655
2014-02 E.V. Luschevskaya, A.A. Golubev Current progress in laser cooling of antihydrogen ArXiv:1406.7521  
2014-01 V. Braguta, M.N. Chernodub, V.A. Goy, K. Landsteiner, A.V. Molochkov, M.I. Polikarpov Temperature dependence of the axial magnetic effect in two-color quenched QCD ArXiv:1401.8095 Phys.Rev. D89 (2014) 074510