ITEP Lattice preprints in 2012 (see also 2018 , 2017 , 2016 , 2015 , 2014 , 2013 , 2011 , 2010 , 2009 , 2008 , 2007 , 2006 , 2005 , 2004 , 2003 , 2002 , 2001 )

# Authors Title E-print Journal reference
2012-11 G. E. Volovik, M. A. Zubkov Higgs bosons, t-quark, and the Nambu sum rule ArXiv:1209.0204  
2012-10 V.V. Braguta, A.Yu. Kotov Correlations of Abelian monopoles in quark-gluon plasma ArXiv:1208.5344 Phys.Rev. D86 (2012) 014511
2012-09 E.-M. Ilgenfritz, B. V. Martemyanov, M. Muller-Preussker Cooling study of Dirac sheets in SU(3) lattice gauge theory below Tc ArXiv:1208.2916 Phys.Rev. D86 (2012) 074515
2012-08 A. Comech, M. Zubkov Polarons as solitary wave solutions to the Dirac-Coulomb system ArXiv:1207.2870  
2012-07 M. I. Katsnelson, G. E. Volovik, M. A. Zubkov Euler - Heisenberg effective action and magnetoelectric effect in multilayer graphene ArXiv:1206.3973  
2012-06 P. V. Buividovich, M. I. Polikarpov Monte-Carlo study of the electron transport properties of monolayer graphene within the tight-binding model ArXiv:1206.0619  
2012-05 M. V. Ulybyshev, M. A. Zubkov Numerical investigation of momentum space topology in graphene ArXiv:1205.0888  
2012-04 P. V. Buividovich, E. V. Luschevskaya, M. I. Polikarpov, O. V. Pavlovsky, M. V. Ulybyshev Numerical study of the conductivity of graphene monolayer within the effective field theory approach ArXiv:1204.0921  
2012-03 M. A. Zubkov Schwinger pair creation in multilayer graphene ArXiv:1204.0138  
2012-03 M.A.Zubkov Gauge theory of Lorentz group as a source of the dynamical electroweak symmetry breaking ArXiv:1301.6971  
2012-02 M. A. Zubkov Generalized unparticles, zeros of the Green function, and momentum space topology of the lattice model with overlap fermions ArXiv:1202.2524  
2012-01 M. A. Zubkov, G. E. Volovik Topological invariants for the 4D systems with mass gap ArXiv:1201.4185