ITEP Lattice preprints in 2005 (see also 2018 , 2017 , 2016 , 2015 , 2014 , 2013 , 2012 , 2011 , 2010 , 2009 , 2008 , 2007 , 2006 , 2004 , 2003 , 2002 , 2001 )

# Authors Title E-print Journal reference
2005-30 P.Yu.Boyko, F.V.Gubarev On the Continuum Limit of Topological Charge Density Distribution ArXiv:hep-lat/0602001 Phys.Rev. D73 (2006) 114506
2005-29 M.N. Chernodub and S.M. Morozov Embedded monopoles in quark eigenmodes in quenched SU(2) QCD ArXiv:hep-lat/0512041 Phys.Rev. D74 (2006) 054506
2005-28 A.V.Kovalenko, S.M.Morozov, M.I.Polikarpov, V.I.Zakharov On topological properties of vacuum defects in lattice Yang-Mills theories ArXiv:hep-lat/0512036 Phys.Lett.B648:383-387,2007
2005-27 V.A.Belavin, M.N.Chernodub, I.E.Kozlov Hedgehogs in Wilson loops and phase transition in SU(2) Yang-Mills theory ArXiv:hep-lat/0512030 Nucl.Phys. B748 (2006) 524-539
2005-26 M.N. Chernodub, E.-M. Ilgenfritz, A. Schiller Phase structure of an Abelian two-Higgs model and high temperature superconductors ArXiv:cond-mat/0512111 Phys.Rev. B73 (2006) 100506
2005-25 V.G.Bornyakov, M.I.Polikarpov, G.Schierholz, T.Suzuki, S.N.Syritsyn New features of the maximal abelian projection ArXiv:hep-lat/0512003 Nucl.Phys.Proc.Suppl. 153 (2006) 25-32
2005-24 P.Yu.Boyko, F.V.Gubarev, S.M.Morozov SU(2) Gluodynamics and HP1 sigma-model embedding: Scaling, Topology and Confinement ArXiv:hep-lat/0511050 Phys.Rev. D73 (2006) 014512
2005-23 M.A.Zubkov Quantization of empty space ArXiv:hep-lat/0510104  
2005-22 M.N.Chernodub Liquid crystal defects of Yang-Mills theory in Landau gauge ArXiv:hep-th/0507221 JETP Lett. 83 (2006) 268-272
2005-21 E.-M. Ilgenfritz, P. Gerhold, M. Mueller-Preussker, B.V. Martemyanov, A.I. Veselov Topological clusters in SU(2) gluodynamics at finite temperature and the evidence for KvB calorons ArXiv:hep-lat/0509171 PoS LAT2005 (2005) 306
2005-20 V.G.Bornyakov, M.N.Chernodub, Y.Mori, S.M.Morozov, Y.Nakamura, M.I.Polikarpov, G.Schierholz, A.A.Slavnov, H.Stuben, T.Suzuki Critical temperature in QCD with two flavors of dynamical quarks ArXiv:hep-lat/0509122 PoS LAT2005 (2005) 157
2005-19 K.Ishiguro, M.N.Chernodub, Y.Mori, Y.Nakamura, M.I.Polikarpov, T.Sekido, T.Suzuki, V.I.Zakharov Towards SU(2) invariant formulation of the monopole confinement mechanism ArXiv:hep-lat/0509089 PoS LAT2005 (2005) 307
2005-18 M.N.Chernodub, Arwed Schiller, Ernst-Michael Ilgenfritz An Abelian two-Higgs model and high temperature superconductivity ArXiv:hep-lat/0509088 PoS LAT2005 (2005) 295
2005-17 F.V.Gubarev, S.M.Morozov Bianchi Identities and Degeneracy of Chromomagnetic Fields in SU(2) Gluodynamics ArXiv:hep-lat/0509017 PoS LAT2005 (2005) 327
2005-16 F.V.Gubarev, S.M.Morozov Lattice Gauge Fields Topology Uncovered by Quaternionic sigma-model Embedding ArXiv:hep-lat/0509011 Phys.Rev. D72 (2005) 076008
2005-15 M.I.Polikarpov, F.V.Gubarev, S.M.Morozov, V.I.Zakharov Localization of Low Lying Eigenmodes for Chirally Symmetric Dirac Operator ArXiv:hep-lat/0510098 PoS LAT2005 (2005) 143
2005-14 M. N. Chernodub, K. Ishiguro, Y. Mori, Y. Nakamura, M. I. Polikarpov, T. Sekido, T. Suzuki, V. I. Zakharov Vacuum type of SU(2) gluodynamics in maximally Abelian and Landau gauges ArXiv:hep-lat/0508004 Phys.Rev. D72 (2005) 074505
2005-13 M.N.Chernodub Liquid crystal defects and confinement in Yang-Mills theory ArXiv:hep-th/0507221 JETP Lett. 83 (2006) 268-272
2005-12 V. G.Bornyakov, E.-M. Ilgenfritz, M.Mueller-Preussker Universality check of Abelian Monopoles ArXiv:hep-lat/0507021 Phys.Rev. D72 (2005) 054511
2005-11 V.G. Bornyakov, P.Yu. Boyko, M.N. Chernodub, M.I. Polikarpov Interactions of confining strings in SU(3) gluodynamics ArXiv:hep-lat/0508006  
2005-10 M.N. Chernodub Kertesz line and embedded monopoles in QCD ArXiv:hep-ph/0509033 Phys.Rev.Lett. 95 (2005) 252002
2005-09 M.N. Chernodub Yang-Mills theory in Landau gauge as a liquid crystal ArXiv:hep-th/0506107 Phys.Lett. B637 (2006) 128-132
2005-08 F.V. Gubarev, S.M. Morozov, M.I. Polikarpov, V.I. Zakharov Low lying eigenmodes localization for chirally symmetric Dirac operator ArXiv:hep-lat/0505016  
2005-07 F.V. Gubarev, S.M. Morozov A^2 condensate, Bianchi identities and chromomagnetic fields degeneracy in SU(2) YM theory ArXiv:hep-lat/0503023 Phys.Rev. D71 (2005) 114514
2005-06 M.N. Chernodub A gauge-invariant object in non-Abelian gauge theory ArXiv:hep-lat/0503018 Phys.Lett. B634 (2006) 255-261
2005-05 M.N. Chernodub, Katsuya Ishiguro, Tsuneo Suzuki Entropy of spatial monopole currents in pure SU(2) QCD at finite temperature ArXiv:hep-lat/0503027 Phys.Rev. D71 (2005) 094506
2005-04 B.L.G. Bakker, A.I. Veselov, M.A. Zubkov Standard model with the additional Z(6) symmetry on the lattice ArXiv:hep-lat/0502006 Phys.Lett. B620 (2005) 156-163
2005-03 M.A.Zubkov Measure in the 2D Regge quantum gravity ArXiv:hep-lat/0501017 Phys.Lett. B616 (2005) 221-227
2005-02 M.N. Chernodub, R. Feldmann, E.-M. Ilgenfritz, A. Schiller The compact Q=2 Abelian Higgs model in the London limit: vortex-monopole chains and the photon propagator ArXiv:hep-lat/0502009 Phys.Rev. D71 (2005) 074502
2005-01 S.M. Morozov, R.N. Rogalyov Ultraviolet behavior of the gluon propagator in the maximal Abelian gauge ArXiv:hep-ph/0501122 Phys.Rev. D71 (2005) 085016